If I were sitting where you are, I would want to know that we believe building a custom home in today’s world is first and foremost about you, the client. 

The process encompasses you, your family, the lifestyle you have today and the life changes you will experience in the future. Our vision of the perfect home is one that would be able to adapt to your evolving lifestyle. To us, your home is an extension of the personalities of the people living in it. You have been constantly designing your perfect home in your mind as a result of all of the experiences you have ever had. These experiences become elements of your dream home: the perfect bench in the kitchen, the ideal layout of the kitchen, the ceiling treatment in the master bedroom. Once you put pencil to paper, however, you may feel that you have to make concessions. If you design the perfect kitchen, the master bedroom must be smaller. If you go with the open floor plan, that doesn’t leave enough wall space to create the built-in bookcase.

This is where my passion lies. I believe in meeting hardworking people and their unique vision where they are, and translating that into a home that showcases their experiences and lifestyle. I love being able to use creativity and innovation to bring their dreams to life.

I love my job. I am able to partner with people to create a home that encompasses their unique style, vision and experiences. Building is fun, but to be able to provide people with a living representation of their dreams and ideas is why I get out of bed in the morning. Only great partnerships allow for great communication, which then can create extraordinary homes. I believe I am a great partner, and I would love the opportunity to earn your business.


Brad King
Husband, Father, and Owner of King Built Properties