As a full service design build company, King Built Artisan Homes will guide you through the entire process of creating your dream home. We begin by understanding your needs and ideas while infusing our expertise and experience. From there, we will move forward to complete the construction drawings for your new home. Our designers will produce a set of plans which will be reviewed by our structural engineer. After the completion of the plans, we will enlist an army of suppliers and trade partners to complete the building/construction process.  The final step is always the best — moving in and enjoying the home of your dreams.

We begin by understanding your needs and ideas while infusing our expertise and experience. We host efficient but in-depth in-person meetings to ensure we’ve collected your vision and to determine whether or not we’re the best fit for your needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to pair you with the right building sites, architects, lending institutions and more.



It's time to start making your vision a reality. We translate ideas into action via construction drawings that lay out your project, then we review and refine these drawings together in order to ensure we’re on the right path.

Once the final drawings receive your approval, our build team will provide you with a detailed timeline and an itemized budget explaining the cost to build, along with options for upgrades or cost savings.



Let’s get to work! We enlist the best suppliers, subcontractors and other trade partners to build your project, and we stay in constant communication with you throughout the build process. Every item associated with the build will be clearly outlined in an agreed-upon budget, from cabinet pulls to tile and wiring. Our team of craftsmen ensure we stay true to plans and on-task, while our interior design consultants help you complete the finishing touches. Together, we’ll have regular site visits so you can see progress first-hand.

This is what it’s all about. You’ll open the doors to the home of your dreams and create new memories.